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Contour Heel Caps (by Supadance)

Contour Heel Caps (by Supadance)

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Contour Heel Caps (by Supadance)

Plain, non-sueded heel protectors made to fit 'Contour' heels by Supadance. Contour heel shape is smaller than traditional Flared heel shapes. Will fit other brands with similar heel tip shape, including, but not limited to:

-2089-33 by Stephanie Dance Shoes
-Liberty/APlus 'Slim' heels
-International 'Elite' heels
-3133 by Crown Dance Shoes

Please inquire if you are unsure of what size heel protector to choose for your shoes with this information:

  • Shoe brand  (ex: Ray Rose, International, Aida, etc.)
  • Model (ex: Kalahari 860, ICS Round Toe, 70A, etc.)
  • Heel style (ex: Flared, Slim, Contour, etc.)
  • Heel height (ex: 2", 3", etc.)

**Please note that heel styles are not universal, and there may not be a heel protector available for certain heel types.