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Summer Tan Tanning Makeup

Summer Tan Tanning Makeup

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Summer Tan

Tanning makeup for bronzed look, perfect for competitions. Preferred by many dancers for durability during dancing, and easy to clean at the end of the day. Best paired with AeroTan Shimmer Powder for a glistening finish. Recommended to apply with tanning glove.


Tips for Usage:

  • Best to squeeze desired amount onto a tanning glove to spread over body for even coverage
  • Recommended for use on body, not on face; a matching foundation makeup should be used for the face
  • Tone can be adjusted by amount applied; best to test first on a small area before full application
  • Tanning makeup easily washes out in the shower with soap and scrub
  • Tanner may transfer to clothing; can be spot cleaned with a proper stain treating detergent (please read care instructions of the garment carefully before cleaning!)