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Stephanie Dance Shoes, 11004-11DS, Black Suede

Stephanie Dance Shoes, 11004-11DS, Black Suede

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SKU: S,1100411DS,B

Lace-up dance sneakers by Stephanie Dance Shoes. Dance sneakers are unisex, available in women’s and men’s sizes. Features ultra flexible split-soles ideal for practicing Latin and Rhythm style dances.

Product Description:
  • Buyers’ favorite among dance sneaker styles
  • Lightweight and highly flexible split-soles provide lots of control and access to feet while dancing
  • Recommended for practicing, training, and teaching in all styles of dance
  • Unisex fit:
    -Women please order ½ size smaller than street size
    -Men please order 1 full size larger than street size
  • Availability:
    -Available online and in-store

*Please allow 1-2 business days for processing orders of SDS brand dance shoes

**Any SDS sizes out of stock normally takes anywhere between 2-8 weeks to arrive. Customers will be notified if any products are out of stock.

Additional Info: