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Ballroom Connection

Shoe Goo - 1oz

Shoe Goo - 1oz

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Shoe Goo

Shoe Goo can be used to touch up loosened suede sole edges or to completely resole suede on ballroom shoes. Available in single 1oz tube.


Tips for application:

  • Use in a well ventilated space
  • Best to give 24 hours for glue to completely set and dry
  • Recommended to clean both surfaces of particles or residue before gluing
  • Adheres better to rough, textured surfaces (smooth and non-porous surfaces don't adhere as well)
  • Glue handles better when given about 1 min to air dry until tacky to the touch (easier to position and align surfaces before glue sets)
  • Be sure there are no air bubbles or pockets between surfaces once pressed flat