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Rhinestone Zipper Tie

Rhinestone Zipper Tie

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Rhinestone Zipper Tie

Adjustable zipper tie for adults. Knot is fixed, allowing for easy loosening and tightening of the neck, easier and stress-free for dancers. Available in a variety of rhinestone colors. Made to order; please allow for up to one week for stone work before shipping.


Instructions for Adjusting:

-Always pull by the knot or the center of the neck loop slowly and evenly; DO NOT pull from only one side of the neck loop--this will run the risk of misaligning the zipper teeth and ruin the pull mechanism

-To loosen tie before putting on: hold by the center of the neck loop and gently pull up from the knot to widen

-To tighten/loosen after putting on: once the neck loop is around the neck, firmly hold the small tail of the zipper end stationary, adjust tightness by moving the knot up or down the zipper tail.

**Available in plain black without rhinestones


Care Instructions:
  • Material: Polyester
  • Handwash; lay flat to dry
  • OK to iron on low heat