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Flared Heel Caps with Suede (by Ray Rose)

Flared Heel Caps with Suede (by Ray Rose)

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Flared Heel Caps - with Suede (by Ray Rose)

Heel protectors made to fit 'Flared' heels by Ray Rose. Will fit other brands with similar heel tip shape, including, but not limited to:

-E201 & 2090 (and most Flared heels) by Stephanie Dance Shoes
-2001 & 2176 (and most 2.5" and 3" Flared heels) by Liberty Dance

Please inquire if you are unsure of what size heel protector to choose for your shoes with this information:

  • Shoe brand  (ex: Ray Rose, International, Aida, etc.)
  • Model (ex: Kalahari 860, ICS Round Toe, 70A, etc.)
  • Heel style (ex: Flared, Slim, Contour, etc.)
  • Heel height (ex: 2", 3", etc.)

**Please note that heel styles are not universal, and there may not be a heel protector available for certain heel types.