Gala Cuban Heel Caps


Gala Cuban Heel Caps

SKU: A,Heel Cap
Heel protectors made for various Cuban shaped heel styles by Gala.
(Not to be confused with Large Cuban Heel Caps, or Cuban style practice heels.)

Cuban Heel Caps are compatible with many heels in the following brands from our selection:

  • American Classic brand 1.5″ Classic heels and 2″-2.5″ Flared heels
  • Various Crown Dance Shoes styles (including but not limited to: 3135 and 4112 models)
  • International Dance Shoes 1.5″ Junior heels
  • Various Go Go Dance Shoes styles (including but not limited to: 7011, 7501, 4040, 4060 and other models with like heels)
  • Some Stephanie Dance Shoes styles such as 11002-11 and other styles with like heels

**Please inquire if you are unsure of what heel protector style is compatible with your shoes