How are ballroom dance shoes different from regular street shoes?

Ballroom shoes all have suede soles, which offer the ideal amount of traction on the dance floor for steps, turns, and pivots. They are much softer than street shoes to allow for the flexibility needed to dance with proper technique. The softer construction and build of a ballroom shoe also gives us a much more tactile feel of the floor beneath our feet, so we can develop the right sensitivity for proper foot articulation.

Ballroom shoe heels are also different. They’re not there just to make the shoe “look pretty,” but are engineered to aid in putting us in the correct posture and balance over the correct part of our foot while dancing with a partner. That’s why even men’s shoes have a bit of a heel, and they are to prevent us from being too “back-weighted,” which is not ideal for dancing with a partner.

Remember—ballroom shoes are equipment, not a fashion item. Sure, they can look nice and presentable like normal footwear, but the most important purpose our dance shoes are meant for is to help us use our feet properly while performing the intended activity.

How should I fit ballroom dance shoes?

Generally, all ballroom shoes are engineered to be worn with a formed fit, very similar to how a glove fits our hand. Ballroom shoes are much softer and should not be worn loose like how we wear normal street shoes. The ideal fit of a ballroom shoe is often compared to that of climbing shoes or swim shoes. The idea is that the more fitted the shoes are, the more control and support we can have while dancing.

Since ballroom dance shoes are much softer, they will also break in and stretch out a bit through use. The more pressure we use in our feet, the more the shoes will stretch out over time. For this reason, it is common for most dancers to wear about 1/2 size (or even more) smaller than their street size in ballroom shoes.

When fitted correctly, dance shoes should not have excess room in the heel or the toe. We want our toes to come as close as possible to the end of the shoe. In open-toe styles, some dancers with a stronger toe point may even prefer to wear them shorter so the toes hang over the front a bit.

Our feet should fill out the shoes as much as possible. This is very important; a soft shoe that is loose fitting will not provide enough support and will feel wobbly and unstable. This can cause us to overwork our feet to compensate, which may even lead to injury.

For more a more detailed guide, please visit the Fitting My Dance Shoes page.

How do I care for my dance shoes?

Ballroom shoes all have suede soles, which are not meant to be worn outdoors at all. Dancers should take care to take them into the studio and then change into them inside.

It is also very important to brush the suede soles every now and then with a Shoe Brush to maintain them and keep them lasting longer.

For more details on how to take care of dance shoes, please visit the Shoe Care & Maintenance page.

What are the shipping options?

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What is the return/exchange policy?

Customers have 14 days to return or exchange any regular priced shoes purchased in-store or online. Returned shoesMUSTbe in new, unused, unworn condition—no exceptions. We will not accept returns on any used or worn shoes. All included packaging and accessories must be returned with the shoes (any shoe bags, boxes, extra laces, polish, etc.)Shipping prices are non-refundable. The costs for return postage is the responsibility of the customer to cover.If an exchange is desired, the 1stexchange in an order will be sent free of shipping and handling. Any following exchanges will incur normal shipping charges.Please allow up to 14 days for refunds to process and post to your account.For more detailed information on how to make returns or exchanges, please visit theReturn/Exchange Policypage.

Do you open during holidays?

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Are your prices online the same as at your retail store?

Generally, yes. However, certain brands or styles may vary slightly depending on availability. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries on product prices and availability.

Is it possible to order styles that aren’t listed on your website?

Yes! Please contact us with any inquiries on styles not listed on our website. We can place special orders for any styles carried by any of the brands featured on our website, as long as they are still available by the manufacturers.

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Do you resell pre-owned shoes or clothing?

Unfortunately, we don’t take pre-owned products for consignment sales; our focus as a retailer is to sell new, unused dance wear only.

Do you have a print catalog of your items?

No, we do not. Due to the convenience of digital platforms and an ever-changing selection, we don’t have any printed catalogs available. Our website lists all of our inventory and is constantly updated to reflect our most current selection.