Shoes By Stephane, Defy, Black Leather/Mesh, Flat Heel




Black flat sandals designed by renowned West Coast Swing dancer Patty Vo, by Shoes By Stephane brand. Features extra soft and flexible cushion for ease with foot articulation and rolling action preferred by West Coast Swing dancers. Mesh front offers extra support. Flat heels provide easy balance and stability for all dance styles.

Product Description:
  • Flat heels are lower than 1.5″ Cuban heels; comfortable and great for general practice
  • Soles are extra soft for lots of flexibility for articulation
  • Versatile arch strap can be worn under the arch or wrapped around ankle
  • Uses quick-release style buckles for a highly secure fit while dancing
  • Recommended for West Coast Swing; general versatility makes this shoe great for all dance styles
  • Size Notes:
    -Only available in full sizes
    -Runs slightly larger and wider than most comparable styles (please remember to order at least a half size smaller than street size for ideal shorter fit in length)
  • Availability:
    -Black Leather/Mesh available online and in-store

*Any Shoes By Stephane brand sizes out of stock normally takes between 6-8 weeks to arrive. Customers will be notified if any products are out of stock.