Ray Rose (Art Sport), Breeze 410, Black Leather/Black Suede, 1.5” Contour Heel


Breeze 410

SKU: R,410,B
A buyers’ favorite among ladies’ practice shoes by Ray Rose. Highly versatile practice shoe used by dancers of all levels. Sleek two-tone style gives a bit more flair to the practice shoes. Ray Rose shoes are designed with an emphasis on support and balance. Made in England.

Product Description:
  • Features rounded toe box
  • Uses antibacterial lining
  • Split-soles offer great range of flexibility for Latin and Rhythm style dances
  • Specially designed latex arch support and heel cushioning provides greater all-around balance and support
  • Recommended for practice, training, and teaching in all styles of dance
  • Women’s UK sizing; please order 2 sizes smaller than women’s US size (ex: size 6 US should order size 4 UK) -Style is considered unisex; men’s US size please order the same in women’s UK size (ex: size 8 US should order size 8 UK)
  • Availability:
    -1.5” Contour Heel, Black Leather/Black Suede available online and in-store

*Other material and heel options available for final sale special orders only. Please inquire before placing a special order. **Any Ray Rose sizes out of stock normally takes between 3-4 weeks to arrive. Customers will be notified if any products are out of stock.