Mr. Tango Shoes, Orquidea, Black Patent/White Tribal, 2.75″ Narrow Copa Heel



Open-toe Argentine Tango shoes by Mr. Tango Shoes. 2.75″ Narrow Copa Heel is slightly lower than the typical 3″ stocked, which helps for easier balance and stability while still keeping the stylish sleek look most Argentine Tango dancers prefer. Features a hard leather sole specifically for Argentine Tango style, which provides less traction for easier turns and pivots preferred for Argentine Tango steps and patterns. Narrow Copa Heel gives shoes a sleek look while still providing optimal support for dancing. Hard leather soles also allow the Tango shoes to be used outdoors without a need for changing shoes like with typical suede-sole ballroom shoes. Also a favorite among Salsa dancers! Made in Colombia.

Product Description:
  • Features hard leather soles preferred by Argentine Tango dancers; provides less traction for easier turns and pivots
  • Hard soles offer more support in shoe structure, also allows for use on outdoor surfaces and street wear
  • Sole versatility removes the need for changing shoes between outdoor/indoor venues
  • Narrow Copa Heel style is slim and streamlined while still providing optimal support for dancing
  • Single ankle strap style and traditional buckles offers highly secure fit while dancing
  • Recommended for Argentine Tango style dance; also a favorite for various Nightclub style dances, including Salsa, Bachata, and many others
  • Availability: -2.75” Narrow Copa Heel, Black Patent/White Tribal available online and in-store

*Note: Shoebags are not provided with any Mr. Tango Shoes styles

**Mr. Tango Shoes styles are limited and typically does not get restocked after sold. Each new batch ordered features completely new styles and colors/prints. Customers will be notified if any products are out of stock.