Dancelife – Vita Danza, Lorenzo Jr., Black Leather, 1.5” Cuban Heel


Lorenzo JR

SKU: D,Lor,B
A basic boys’ Latin shoe from Vita Danza line by Dancelife. Made with split-soles to provide more flexibility ideal for Latin/Rhythm style dances.

Product Description:
  • Features split-soles to offer more flexibility for young dancers to practice pointing and articulation
  • Recommended for International Latin and American Rhythm style dances
  • Boys’ UK sizing; please order the same as US boys’ size (ex: boys’ size 3 US is equivalent to boys’ size 3 UK)
  • Fitting Notes:
    -Style only comes in full sizes; US half sizes may want to order ½ size larger to accommodate fit
  • Availability:
    -1.5” Cuban Heel, Black Leather available online and in-store

**Any Dancelife sizes out of stock normally takes anywhere between 4-6 weeks to arrive. Customers will be notified if any products are out of stock.


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