Basic Boys’ Ballroom Pants


Basic Boys’ Ballroom Pants

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Classic boys’ trousers for ballroom dance by FD. Basic style with pockets and no belt loops. Style is cut with straight, wide legs, preferred for all ballroom dance styles. Leg cut and material drape helps create a clear leg line while dancing.

Product Description:
  • Style comes with pockets and without belt loops
  • Front crease is set with a permanent top stitch–no need for re-ironing
  • Material has a heavier drape for a straighter and accentuated leg lines
  • Pant legs are wide and straight cut in traditional ballroom style for full range of motion
  • Pants come unhemmed to accomodate different heights; hemming may be required for a correct fit in length
  • Fitting Notes:
    -Note: Pants are sized by true waist measurement in inches. When selecting your size, please be aware that a department store pants size does not always correlate to a true waist measurement.
    -We recommend customers double check your correct size by measuring the natural waist (usually lies just below or along navel level) for the correct measurement. Measurements are most accurate when the measuring tape is held taut without any slack or looseness.
  • Availability:
    -Available both in-store and online

**Any dance wear sizes out of stock typically takes anywhere between 4-8 weeks to arrive. Customers will be notified if any products are out of stock.

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