APlus Dance Shoes – Flared Heel Caps


APlus Dance Shoes – Flared Heel Caps

SKU: A,Heel Cap
Heel protectors made for various Flared Heel styles by APlus Dance Shoes brand.
(This heel protector is not to be confused with Supadance Flared Heel Protectors or Flared Heel Protectors with Suede.)

APlus Flared Heel Caps are compatible with many heels in the following brands from our selection:

  • Aida flared heels
  • American Classic 2.5″ Slim Flared Heels
  • APlus flared heels
  • International IDS heels (includes some Dansport Collection styles, such as L3007 model)
  • Ray Rose flared heels
  • Various Stephanie Dance Shoes styles (including but not limited to: 5007-55, E201, 2090-45 and other models with like heels)

**Please inquire if you are unsure of what heel protector style is compatible with your shoes