Aida Dance, 80E, Dark Tan Satin, 3” Slim Heel


80E (Round-toe “Karina” cut)

A classic woven, 6-strap style Latin shoe by Aida Dance. Specially designed slim heels by Aida brand are well-centered for optimal balance while giving a sleeker look on the dance floor. Aida Dance shoes are designed with an emphasis on extra cushion and support for dancers in mind. Made in Russia.

Product Description:
  • Features Aida Dance brand’s round-toe “Karina” cut insole, narrower than the square “Anna” cut
  • Slim Heel style gives a streamlined look and centered balance for precision of steps
  • Special insoles by Aida Dance brand are extra padded for fuller cushioning and firm in support
  • Versatile arch strap can be worn under the arch or wrapped around ankle
  • Strap style and traditional buckle offers highly secure fit while dancing
  • Recommended for International Latin, American Rhythm, and various Nightclub style dances, including Salsa, Bachata, Argentine Tango, and many others
  • Women’s Russian sizing; women’s US sizes listed with RUS sizes (ex: size 6 US is approx. equivalent to size 22.5 RUS)
  • Fitting Notes: -Style runs narrower than most other comparable open-toe dance shoes
  • Availability: -3” Slim Heel, Dark Tan Satin available online and in-store

*Other heel options available for final sale special orders only. Please inquire before placing a special order. **Any Aida Dance sizes out of stock normally takes between 6-8 weeks to arrive. Customers will be notified if any products are out of stock.