Adult Zipper Tie – Black


Adult Zipper Tie (Black)

SKU: Y,Tie
Adult ties with built-in zipper for easy wear and removal. Built-in zipper allows for a permanent knot without needing to readjust. Perfect accessory to top off a full dance ensemble. Available in black.

Adjusting the tie:

  • To adjust the tie while it is not worn, please hold the knot in one hand. Gently tug on the small tail end of the zipper downwards to tighten neck loop. Gently tug the loop end of the zipper upwards to loosen neck.
  • To adjust the tie while it is worn around the neck, please hold the small tail end of the zipper in one hand. Gently adjust the knot upwards or downwards to tighten or loosen the neck as desired.
  • DO NOT pull on either side of the loop end individually or unevenly; this can cause the zipper teeth to separate or misalign from the zipper pull embedded in the knot. Always adjust the tie with gentle and even motions. 
  • Waxing the zipper teeth can help make the pull function more smoothly.

Product Description:
  • Tie measures about 18 inches in length, and 3 inches at widest width
  • Built-in zipper makes tie easy to wear and take off
  • Knot is permanently fixed; no need to fix or readjust
  • Also available with custom rhinestone colors